Plan na najbliższy weekend: Stairway To Heaven

Dobre planowanie to połowa sukcesu. Jak zaplanujemy posiłki, to nie będziemy wciągać przypadkowego shitu, jak zaplanujemy sobie dzień, to nie skończy się on z poczuciem zmarnowanego czasu, a jak Ahmed zaplanuje wycieczkę na najtrudniejszy szlak górski w Emiratach, to…

…tak wygląda mobilizacyjny sms do grupy (naprawdę polecam przeczytać):

Stairway to Heaven

– We need to arrive at our meeting point in RAK at 4:00 pm sharp on Friday 13th. Please make sure you have everything you want beforehand. We will leave from there immediately. allow 1 hr : 15 mins to reach the meeting point from Dubai. Add 1 hour more from AD. I’ll post the meeting point later.
– we should reach to our campsite by 5:00 pm before its dark … Picking a camping spot there is tricky.
– Start the hike on 14th morning as soon as there is light. This should be just be around 6:15 am … This means a wake up call by 5:30 am so we leave on time and get back before it’s dark.
– We will be doing the hike clockwise … I.e climbing the stairway from the left where it’s exposed and come down from the right.
– It’s gonna be a long day … We did this hike in 7 hours before and we also did it in 12 hours … It really depends on the group’s ability on the day. For this group, I would expect to be back in the cars just between 4 and 5 pm.
– We will be back in Dubai just before 8 pm.

**Important notes**

– The hike is long … There are steep and exposed ledges to cross (people died there actually) … I have done it a few times before but none since May. Keeping in mind that cairns marking the route might’ve disappeared or new ones have been made, be prepared for an adventure and be flexible. We will play it safe.

– Every time I’ve done it we ended up taking slightly different routes, some made it for an easier hike but the others made it more challenging and risky … I’ll aim to stick to the route as much as possible but again, be prepared for an adventure and be flexible …

– I’ll be using my GPS for navigating the general direction (wouldn’t help much once we reach the hidden staircases) … Other than that I’ll be using my previous notes and rusty memory 😉

What you need to bring:

– 6L of water and 1 L of sports drinks (electrolytes) per person … What you need while camping is not included – bring extra
– hiking boots, hat, sunscreen, and backpack
– walking poles would be useful on the way down
– headlamp for camping
– camping gear (tent, chairs, sleeping bag, mattress, and toiletries)
– snacks / food for Friday’s nights (we can discuss BBQing later, breakfast, and during the hike
– warm cloths in case it gets cold over night (unlikely) and a light jacket for the top – it gets cold and windy
– emirates ID (for emergencies only)

Safety (mandatory)

– headlamp is needed on the hike in case we stayed late up the mountains
– no alcohol while camping, I want everyone to be in top shape
– please get safety “thermal blankets” with you on the hike (you can buy them for 30 dhs from Adventure HQ, they’re very small and light) in case we are stuck up the mountains for any reason
– fully charged mobile phones (there is coverage in the area)
– we stick as a group on the hike and we go at the speed of the slowest.
– tell someone where you are going 😉 … We should be back in Dubai by 8 or so

Nutrition (mandatory)

– Please take sugary and salty snacks with you for the hike
– please take 3 energy gels (GU is my favorite) per person. You can find these in decathlon, spinneys, etc … My vote would be to go for the ones with caffeine … They give you an instant kick!

Rides can be arranged closer to the date once the group is finalized ( I’m keeping the size to 7-8 ppl)”



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  1. Tusia says:

    O jaaaaaa!!!!! Mega groźnie brzmi, ale podejrzewam ze bedzie to dość niezapomniane przeżycie 😉
    Weź 2 telefony, zeby przynajmniej pare fotek zrobic i pozniej tu wrzucić ;)))


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